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Missions Updates from China


Hear from some of our incredible team members on the ground in China as they minister to some precious, orphaned kiddos: 

We had no idea when we came how many children were here or really their ages or needs, because no one outside had been here. There are many though from babies to older children. One thing is certain: Jesus loves them this I know. He is there in their bodies that can’t move, He is there in their silent tears, He is there in their stiff hands that just won’t do what they want them to, He is there when they have a fever or a seizure, He is there when they cry alone and their caregivers are already tending to three other crying children, He is there when the will for a human being to live surpasses a human’s understanding.

He is here.

Continue reading here for daily updates from our 2014 May China Team. 


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