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Missionary Moms

ACT missions tripsAre you a mom with young children
wanting to go on a short term mission trip but nervous about leaving the kids
at home for a couple of weeks? Recently we asked some moms who had faced this
challenge themselves to offer encouragement and advice for others who are
considering a trip. They had some great things to say!

“Nervous is normal! It's hard
on a mommy's heart to leave her children but she can do it! It's only for a
week or so and if her children are like mine- they will miss her while she is
away but will have lots of fun with daddy and other family/friends.”

“It was much harder for us
than it was for them. No ‘mad at mommy’ moments or forgetting us or anything
that we worried about. They loved the time with family and friends while we
were gone.”

“Make a paper chain of how
many days she is going to be gone so they can have a countdown to when she
returns. My kids love this.”

“I was nervous when I left
too, but it’s a chance to show your kids what is worth sacrificing for. It lets
them be a part of the mission as well. It’s something that they can give to
help others. I think it’s a great way to set an example for the children to
grow up as givers and compassionate loving people when they see their parents
live that first hand.”

“Before I left, I helped the
two older kids to make a countdown that each day they could tear a number off
the top to help them know how many more days till mommy came home. I also
left little prizes from me for the kids each day I was gone, everything from
candy to fun sandwich cutters to games and movies. Everybody did great! We also
[Skyped] to help us make it through; pretty cool to see and talk to your family
from the other side of the world.”


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