Mission Team in China Meets “Diane”

Diane 2
One of our Storyteller Missions teams currently in China has been spending time with “Diane”, a beautiful girl who needs a forever family. Here is a bit of what our team had to say about her:

What an adorable little lady she is. Her personality just sparkles. After giving plenty of hugs and asking for a dance or two, she will get you a chair and have you sit near her. We spent time singing, painting nails, playing patty cake and doing flashcards. She could follow all the patterns of movement I gave her. I showed her her picture on back of my camera then started scrolling through showing her the rest. Not only could she verbally name every child, she pushed my hands away and worked the controls on the camera herself. She seems very bright! She was saying the names of all the pictures on the flashcards in Chinese. Great eye contact. She desired our attention. She involved the others in her play.  Her smile lights up the entire room. What a blessing she would be to a family.

Diane 3
“Diane” has just turned 9-years old and is a student at our Believe in Me orphanage school through our partnership with Love Without Boundaries. She has a repaired VSD.  We receive updates on “Diane” as part of the school program and a family adopting her would be given a file of information from Love Without Boundaries once her adoption is finalized in China. We currently have a team in country visiting “Diane” and other children at her orphanage and providing medical and developmental assessments. 

Diane 1
Diane is waiting for a family of her own and has an adoption assistance grant available through Reece's Rainbow where she is known as “Genevieve”. “Diane” is a shared referral and is designated as Special focus so a family interested in adoption or already in the process would be eligible to review her file.  Please email us at china@awaa.org or call us at 800.429.3369 if you are interested in learning more about this sweet girl. 





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