Meet the Wilsons – Haiti Guesthouse Managers

Hello, we are the Wilsons!
We are so excited to be serving America World in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Both
having social work backgrounds, we are very happy to serve adoptive families
and mission teams at the Haiti guesthouse.

The last 4 ½ months have
been an adventure that we will never forget! Aimee and I got married, went to
San Francisco for our honeymoon, moved into our first apartment together,
started life together, then came a major turn – God led us to be the guesthouse
managers for the AWAA Haiti program!


We will never forget the
generosity of friends, acquaintances, and family members in helping support our
effort to do ministry in Haiti. Without their generosity, we would not have
been able to move to Port-au-Prince to serve for the next year.

God has specifically shown
us his provision, yet that it was His sovereign plan for us to be here in Haiti
this year. Every step of the way, the Lord has paved the way for us to make the
transition from Washington, DC to Port-au-Prince.  


We have been here just
over 2 weeks and are enjoying new foods, taking in the beautiful views from the
guesthouse, making new friends, and working hard to learn Creole as quickly as
possible. Already, we have had the privilege of seeing one child go home with
her family. What a blessing to be here to witness a child go from an orphan to
a cherished daughter!


This week we are hosting a
team as they spend the days serving at an orphanage nearby. God is doing
amazing things as they love and serve the precious children there. They have
been able to share the gospel, bring many donations, play games and hold &
play with the children all week.


This transition has not
been without challenges; however, any risk worth taking is never devoid of
challenges. God has shown that he is producing endurance within us, in order to
run the race that He has called us into. Reminding ourselves of God’s promises
has been very crucial during this transition to Haiti, but it also has helped
us turn away from self-reliance and towards Christ as our fulfillment.

We have a unique opportunity that we recognize as a gift. We are
seeing God in ways that we may not have otherwise. He is here with us. He has
brought us to this point and continues to carry us and guide us. We need Him
like we have never before and He's near. We know that God could have used
anyone to manage a guesthouse, but he allowed us to do it. What a gift! We could
never write a story so great as the one He is writing.


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