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Meet the Team Leader: Rob Henneberg

honduras el salvador mission trip

Take a moment to meet Rob Henneberg, ACT staff member and team leader to Honduras.

Introduce yourself. My name is Rob Henneberg and I live in Alexandria, Virginia. I was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area. I went to Mary Washington College, where I majored in Spanish. I spent eight years as a teacher, during which I earned my teaching license and my Masters of Education. During my time in the classroom, I also was blessed to experience life as a department chair, athletic director and varsity head coach. My time here at America World has been amazing. In my fifteen months at AW, I have worked for the Domestic, Haiti, El Salvador and Welcoming Angels programs. I currently still head the El Salvador program and Welcoming Angels hosting. I enjoy traveling, playing tennis and spending time with my wife and our six month old.

Why are you passionate about Honduras/El Salvador? I have enjoyed working with families in the El Salvador adoption program. I also have enjoyed helping with translations for the Honduras program. My time in other Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, has helped me gain an ever-growing appreciation of the Latin American culture and people. My favorite cultural experience is my time spent working at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. It was a great time of doing manual labor and playing with the children.

Why have you chosen to participate in ACT? What do you value about ACT? How does your personal vision and passion collide with the mission behind ACT? I believe these types of trips have just as much of a profound impact on those who go as those who the team is there to help. These trips often open eyes and expand minds to view life differently and see people through the prism of Christ. They often have long-lasting influences on everybody involved. My missions trip to Kenya, for example, has had a great influence on me and my life. I continue to be involved in ministries there and with a school located in one of the biggest slums in Africa.

Why should someone consider joining you on a trip? What can they expect from you as a leader? I view myself as a facilitator when I lead. I see my role as a leader as someone who brings people and ideas together, facilitating conversation in order to come to the best decision for the team. While ultimately it is the leader who needs to make the final decision, I often find that is one and the same as what the group concluded.

Three unique traits about me are:

  • My wife and I adopted a dog name Skittles (and she still has that same name to this day).
  • I also have spent time in Kenya, Spain and France.
  • My wife's and my favorite places to vacation are Rehoboth Beach, Key West and her family's lake house just outside of Gainesville, Florida.    

Find out more about ACT's upcoming trip to Honduras and how you can be a part of it!

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