Meet the Team Leader: Amy Tobin


Hi, my name is Amy Tobin. I live in Plainfield, IL with my husband (Doug) and our two boys Sam (5) and Alex (4). Doug and I were high school sweethearts and just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. I have a special place in my heart for adoption and caring for orphans.  Both of our children were adopted (Sam domestically and Alex from China). I traveled to China for the first time in June of 2010 on a mission trip with Visiting Orphans. We had already adopted Sam at that point and were approved and waiting for a girl from China. However, while on that trip I just fell in love with the country and people of China. Shortly after we returned home, we decided to adopt a special needs child of any gender. We traveled back to China in Jan 2011 and brought Alex home. We are so blessed with our children and are just in awe of the perfect plan God has for our lives and our kid's lives.

Join Amy on an ACT trip to China in May 2014!




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