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Meet The Hurtado Family

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Our family has truly been blessed with three beautiful children, two of which were adopted from China through AWAA.  Our daughter Maci Xiao Ciao was adopted in 2006 and is now almost 5 years old.  She attends kindergarten and is enrolled in a ballet class and also enjoys playing soccer and anything that has to do with Disneyland.  She has always been a very happy and secure child – always smiling with an extraordinary sense of humor.  She is very tender and embraces her Chinese heritage – not hesitating to make sure that everyone she meets is aware she is from China. 

Our son, Max Dang Zhong, was adopted through the Waiting Child Program in 2008 and just turned 14 years old.  He has made huge strides in learning English and adjusting to American culture.  Max is receiving  speech services through his school which continues to help with his progression in English.  He has made many friends and is currently helping to mentor another boy who has recently been adopted from China and placed at his school. Max has participated in basketball and a variety of 4-H activities and has won several champion awards for cooking, art, horticulture and swine.  The money he has raised from selling his pigs has been put into a bank account that he intends to use for college. 

Because our family is multi cultural, we celebrate traditions and holidays recognized in the Hispanic, Chinese, and American communities.  We take every opportunity to educate ourselves and our children about their unique cultures.  We embrace and appreciate the diversity that these different heritages bring to our family and are so thankful that God called us to adopt from China.

-Michael & Molly Hurtado


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