Meet the DSS: Emily Head, South Carolina

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Emily Head, MSW, is America World's Director of Social Services in South Carolina. She is a also Certified Adoption Investigator in the state of South Carolina. She has been working with either adoption or Child Protective Services for the past 7 years after recieving a bachelors and masters Degree in social work from Florida State University.

Personally, Emily loves playing sports, and played volleyball and softball at a Division II college, prior to transferring to Florida State. She has been married for 10 years this summer, and has four biological children: Mackenzie (8), Parker (5), Ashton (3), and Boaz (1).  

It was not until Emily began to see adoption in a biblical manner that she felt a strong call to work in the field, despite always loving adoption. It is her dream career! The most rewarding part of her job is placing children who may be without the gospel, into homes where it is a way of life! “I love to see a family finally have the child in their arms that they have prayed to have for …it’s encouraging and such a picture of Christ’s adoption of us!”

Emily's office is located in Lexington, but the entire state of South Carolina is served. In SC, unlike most other states, International Home Studies have to be reviewed through the ICPC office at the South Carolina Department of Social Services. An extra fee is charged for this, which is why a home study may be more expensive there.

Her advice to families who are considering adoption is, “Know that if you decide to adopt a child, this child is yours…just like you gave birth to him or her. Adoption is sacrificial in many ways, but is such a testimony of God’s grace in our lives.” She is also commonly asked why choose international adoption when so many children need homes in the United States, to which she answers, ”We are called to care for the orphans…domestically and internationally, so this decision is yours. There are pros and cons to both Domestic and International Adoption; do your research. Our corporate staff is equipped to help you begin your journey and answer any other questions you may have!”

When families are home, Emily works with them by completing required post placement visits and providing any counseling or support that the family may need to get through the difficult times. See more about social services in South Carolina on our website. 


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