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Meet the Bentons

Hi, we're Bill and Toni Benton, blessed with 5 wonderful kiddos!! Johnny was 8 years old when Bill and I married and we soon started thinking about a baby sister. A few years later, arms still empty, we kept hearing the cutest commercials on our local Christian radio station, WAVA. They each ended with a raspy 5 year old little girl voice, saying, “Thank you Momma. Thank you Baba.” You guessed it, they were AWAA commercials inviting us to attend an information seminar about adoption. Brian spoke live back then, and some other family showed their travel video, and we were sunk!  

We started paper chasing in June 2000 and brought Theresa Lin home in April 2002…we followed with 3 more adoption processes, with God leading us through each one! We brought home Abby in February 2004. Both Faith and Alex were adopted through the China Waiting Children Program. We adopted Faith when she was 10 years old and diagnosed as deaf. She was home in January 2006 and Alex (who had a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate) was adopted in July 2007. God brought us through many challenges and blessings through these processes- the SARS epidemic, new 2007 China regulations, dossier deadlines, and unemployment.
Johnny is now 21 and a senior at the US Air Force Academy – Go Falcons! We couldn't be more proud of him!! Faith is now 14, has a cochlear implant, is learning to hear, is beautiful and does great in school! Theresa Lin is now 7, is our tender hearted sweetheart, and cute as she can be! Abby is 5 ½ , gorgeous and smart as a whip, and just loves school! And 3 year old Alex… well, Alex is cute and funny and sweet and charming… and it's a good thing, because he's also allllllll boy!  As for Bill and I… well, don't tell anyone… but we're wondering if God doesn't have yet another for us somewhere.  Shhhh…
As Associates for America World, we LOVE doing seminars and will stop to talk to anyone about the miracle of adoption. We've been so very blessed, how could we not?


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