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Meet “Team America World” Leader, Jennifer Van Ee!

Hi All,

Over the last several months, you have seen blog posts about TEAM AMERICA WORLD, AW’s new race team. I am so excited to be leading this years race teams in New Braunsfel, Texas and wanted to personally reach out and let you know why I am running this year’s marathon.

I decided to run the Chosen Marathon to help raise money for the post-adoption fund. Adoption is a beautiful way to create families but not one said it was easy. Adoption is an every day decision which reflects so much the love of the Father for us. Those days that are hard as a parent is just a mere glimpse of how the Father must feel about us on our bad days. The post adoption fund goes to help families struggling with the transition and to meet some of the needs of their new children. 

JVE run FB
I want to personally invite you to join Team America World for the Texas race or consider running any race locally in your community as part of Team America World. I am a want-to-be runner; basically I try hard but my bed and a hamburger sounds nicer than the 7 minute mile marathon! The last several weeks training has been rough; getting used to getting up early and putting in the miles again. All that to say, please know you do not have to be a fast or good runner to join our team – you can even walk it if you keep a 16 minutes mile pace! All you need to have is a heart for orphan care and excitement to passion with your community.

For more information about Team America World and/or what we are raising funds for, feel free to contact me at

Jennifer Van Ee
Team America World Leader
& America World Intake Director

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