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Meet Our Social Services Team: Samantha Fuhrman, NY

Did you know that America World works in all 50 states and has offices in 23 states, including our corporate office? We provide home study and post-adoption services to families adopting domestically and internationally, through America World or through another licensed agency. Each state is directed by one of our trained adoption professionals who share our vision for placing children in loving, Christian homes. Our Directors are a vital part of our organization, and on the first Monday of each month, we would like to honor them by spotlighting one of them on our blog.

New York adoption

This month we highlight Samantha Fuhrman, Director of Social Services of our New York office. Samantha has experience working in foster care, with the homeless population, in mental health, and as a family and children’s therapist. She is also in the process of her own adoption of a son from Haiti, which gives her great empathy with the clients she serves. We are blessed by her experience and insight and for her leadership with her staff all over the state of New York!

  • How did you get started with America World? My husband and I were actually exploring adoption agencies to use to grow our own family when I saw the job opening for America World. I have served as the Director of Social Services for the New York office for almost 6 years, and have loved walking through the adoption process with my families!
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night owl. I’m pretty scary in the morning!
  • What is your favorite sports team? I am a big college basketball fan and a New England-born girl. I root for UCONN and Villanova!
  • What is your favorite movie? Why? The Sound of Music, always and forever. It has everything I love in one movie—music, history, faith, love, and family.
  • What was the best vacation you ever had? I am traveling to Italy with my husband for our anniversary this year, and am pretty sure that will be my favorite vacation ever!
  • On your birthday, your favorite special meal would be: Mexican food and apple pie.
  • Would you prefer a week at the beach or a week in the mountains? I live very close to the beach and visit it almost every day in the summer, so I would prefer a week in the mountains!
  • What famous person you would like to meet? This one is hard because I am a big history nerd. Probably Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Recommendation for a book, website, or webinar about adoption? The Connected Child is a must-read for all adoptive parents, and I have read it several times. I listen to a lot of podcasts when I am driving or doing things around the house, and love the Honestly Adoption and Creating a Family podcasts.

America World Adoption provides full adoption services in the State of New York and 22 other states, including home study and post-adoption services. America World is licensed to assist families with their international adoption in all 50 states and has seen over 4,600 children adopted from 12 countries. For more information, visit or contact us at and 800-429-3369.


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