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Meet our Haitian Guesthouse Staff

With the opening of our Haiti Guesthouse in August 2013, America World has been blessed with a team of incredible staff that join us in our commitment to serving adoptive families and mission teams. We have a staff of 7 that work 6 days a week at our guesthouse. It is our pleasure to introduce a few of them to you!

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Marc Onell Pierre – Guesthouse Property Manager

Marc Onell (or “Marco†as we affectionately call him) has been working with America World Adoption for three years, from the very beginning of our Haiti program. He joined the Haiti guesthouse team in the summer of 2013 as our Haiti Guesthouse Property Manager. He was an integral part of making the guesthouse operational when we first opened in August 2013. He worked a great deal behind the scenes even before the guesthouse opened for business. Over the years, he has become friends with many adoptive families, so much so that they continually ask about him after returning to the United States. His infectious smile is something that families look forward to seeing at the airport when they arrive in Haiti to visit their kids or serve. 

Marco has a vast amount of experience in serving American missionaries and Christ-centered organizations in Haiti, through driving, managing large building projects, managing staff and serving in a number of other capacities. Marco is an extremely hard worker and believes in the vision of America World Adoption, particularly in Haiti – and feels a strong commitment to the organization to make it successful. He is a lifelong resident of the Port-au-Prince area and is a devoted father to three beautiful children. He is a strong Christian that loves to study the word of God, and he attends a Baptist church in his community when he is able to. Marco’s favorite bible passage is Psalm 113 in its entirety.

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Marco with Moise, translator

Marco is extremely happy to work for America World and is excited to serve adoptive families, by ensuring that the guesthouse is functioning at 100% at all times. He also takes joy in driving families and guests to where they need to go around the Port-au-Prince area. Safety is his first priority when serving others. He has an endless amount of Haitian knowledge, and always seems to know “a boss†that can help fix any maintenance-related issue at the guesthouse or on the road. His knowledge and savvy are extremely appreciated. 

Whether it’s his big smile in the morning, the gentle whispers of comfort in Creole in your children’s ears, his bear hugs, or his comforting presence, we know you will be blessed by him when you visit our Haiti Guesthouse.


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