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Meet our Haitian Guesthouse Staff

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Moise Blanc – Haiti Guesthouse Translator

Moise is thirty years old, a father of three beautiful children, and a lifelong resident of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Moise became an orphan at the age of seven. He lived with cousins for some time before transitioning to an orphanage for twelve years. He is so grateful for the opportunity that he had to meet many new friends while living in the orphanage, many of whom he remains close to today. Moise shared that all of the children at his orphanage became a “family†with one another. 

As an adult, Moise has had numerous opportunities to care for orphans by serving at his childhood orphanage and working as a translator to Americans visiting orphanages and serving through missions in Haiti. It was through Moise’s translation experience that God brought him to work for America World. Moise joined our team as the full-time translator at the Haiti Guesthouse in October 2013, though he was translating for us for quite some time previously. He has been an immense help to Aimee and Tim Wilson and adoptive families in communicating with adoptive families, other guesthouse staff and children. On many occasions, Moise helps with a variety of tasks, such as airport pickups, translation services at government, law offices, banks, and grocery stores. Needless to say, Moise’s work is crucial to the daily operations of the guesthouse. 

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Moise with guesthouse manager Marco

Further, Moise credits his knowledge of English to the many American’s that visited his orphanage growing up, along with personal hard work to study and learn English. His knowledge of English allows him to serve many adoptive families that we host each month. He shares, “I love to work for America World and respect everyone there. I also agree with AWAA’s vision in helping alleviate misery in the world, serving orphans, and helping them find a better life to be someone important for tomorrow. It is my pleasure to work for AWAA as a translator.â€

We know you will need Moise when you come to Haiti and he is ready and waiting to serve you!


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