Meet Macintire, he is waiting for his forever family!

Will you partner with us today as we speak up for and pray for Macintire? Today a recent One Orphan team member took some time to share about her week with Macintire. Read more about this precious boy and join us as we share his story.

MacIntire is a cute, energetic 8 year-old kid who is full of animation. He has been diagnosed with atelencephalia. He is very affectionate and likes to smile and give hugs to you all day long. When you see his smile, it lights up the room because he is pure sunshine. While walking through the zoo he would hold my hand, give me air kisses, and dance around me with the biggest smile on his face. He is excellent at imitating actions, facial expressions, and words.


MacIntire can dress/undress and feed himself, though his nannies report that they feel he is somewhat behind with gross motor skills. In MacIntire’s exuberance, it seems that he sometimes finds it difficult to focus and follow directions. His nannies report however that he is cognitively on track and above average in his general health and well-being in comparison to other children with his condition. He is able to take clothes on and off and as well as socks and shoes. He seems to have an extroverted personality – readily engaging with others in an energetic way, imitating the words and facial expressions of others, showing enjoyment in music and dance, and easily expressing affection. He is able to memorize and perform songs and poems that he has learned.  He loves being outside the most when given the chance to play outside.

Macintire 1

Macintire has expressed that he hopes to have his own family and parents. He knows he would go to a new environment with strangers and needs to learn another language, and his orphanage stated that he is being prepared mentally and they have also established a class for him and other children to learn about adoption and how to adapt to family life better. MacIntire will steal your heart as he joyfully sings and dances to the wonderful music that he has memorized. He is out going and has a genuine love of people and he is ready to shine as part of your family!

Macintire’s file is designated by China as Special Focus, which means a family at any stage of adoption or considering adoption, are eligible to review his file and pursue his adoption. This means families who have just begun to consider adoption can pursue Macintire as their son.

If you are interested in learning more about Macintire please contact our China staff at You can also read more about the China waiting program here. 

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