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Meet Hope:  Aging out of China’s Adoption System in Early 2018!

Meet Hope: Aging out of China’s Adoption System in Early 2018!

Hope is a beautiful 13-year-old girl in China waiting for her forever family. She lives in a foster home with other children and her favorite activities include being outdoors and singing. She recently won an award at a singing competition! She will turn 14 on January 5, 2018, and needs to be adopted before her 14th birthday. She lives at one of our orphanage partnerships and attends school. Hope does well in school, learns Braille, and loves interacting with younger children. She was born with a congenital vision condition. Her right eye is affected with corneal leukoplakia and she was born without her left eye. She can see with her right eye, but her vision may be limited. A recent update stated that although her actions are slower due to her vision impairment, her development is the same as other children her age. 
As her name so well describes, there is still hope that her family will step forward for her. There is still time to complete her adoption, but it must happen soon!

Hope’s file is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the process or those just considering adoption may be eligible to review her file. A family will need to complete adoption paperwork quickly in order to be in China to finalize her adoption before January 5, 2018. Please join us in praying for her! You can contact us at or 800-429-3369 for more information. Please share this post with others and help us advocate to find a family for Hope!


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