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Meet Flint: He is waiting for his forever family

Today we’d like to share with you some up close and personal stories from several individuals who have shared their impressions of an amazing young boy they met while in China. His story and videos will hopefully inspire you to consider how God might be calling you to be a part of his story…

Flint Smiling

Meet Flint. There is so much behind those big brown eyes.  Such curiosity, such intelligence. Such determination. Ashley Gosnell shares that first time she saw it. “I will never forget the moment he demonstrated it.  It was during our “sports camp.”  Flint was using a wheelchair for this event (though he chooses to use a walker often when walking).  He raced down to a table in his wheelchair to meticulously stack cups, completed the activity, and turned the corner to race back. However, instead of using his wheelchair, he stood up and walked/ran back.  I happened to be filming this moment.  It was one of the most touching things I have ever witnessed. It was in that moment, I knew he was a hero.  For as long as I live, I will not ever forget watching that precious determined boy finish the race, not in his wheelchair, but on his own two feet. 


I can’t help but wonder what would be unlocked with the resources and support he could have in a family… Flint looks likes every other healthy child.  He can carry on an intelligent conversation, is VERY curious, very interactive, loves electronics, especially taking pictures with cameras.  He can both put on clothes and walk independently. Flint goes to school in the orphanage and makes friends easily. He enjoys drawing, reading.  He can sing children’s songs, Tang poetry and repeat simple stories.

Penny Phillips, who previously met Flint on another trip to China, shared the following, “Flint only used the wheel chair when we went to the zoo and to a shopping mall. Otherwise, he wanted to walk like everyone else. His gait is stiff, but he is proud of his ability to manage slow and steady. He would do extremely well in a regular school. He performed a song, complete with hand motions, along with a large group of children. He performed just as well as the other children as he stood with his walker. He immediately bonded with my daughter who was the same age and I believe he will make an excellent brother to any sibling, younger or older. He is genuinely friendly and happy to be with other kids. In every activity we did, he fit right in and participated along with all the others.†Penny shared with us a video from her time in China where Flint memorized and recited one very long and beautiful poem. This is when she knew how capable and intelligent he was.                

Flint loves painting and often shows his wishes through the painting. His artwork is always being shown on bulletin boards, and he loves to play percussion music in front of teachers and other children.( although it is not a real musical instrument, he still plays it very seriously)  He is very optimistic and brings laughter and happiness to everyone each time when playing outdoor activities. He has strong self-care ability, can eat/feed himself, bathe, go to the toilet and straighten up his bed by himself. He helps teachers do anything he can, such as putting back paint brushes, books, toys etc. Everyone speaks highly of him as an optimistic and happy little boy.  He also loves playing toy cars and with Ultraman toys- he wishes someday he could be helpful to those people who need help, just like Ultraman. 

“Flint†is a beautiful little boy with Cerebral Palsy who just turned 11 in January.  Nikki Price, who works in the medical field, shared the following, “I dislike the associations that come with the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. When people hear that word, they automatically imagine many negative things. CP has such a broad spectrum.  CP just means that something happened to cause the brain to be without oxygen for a period of time. The matter in which it occurred, the time it occurred, and the age it occurred all are proportionate to the spectrum of CP.  A child with CP could have a mild gait abnormality, hand or joint dysfunction.  They could possibly have trouble with speech, but seem otherwise normal. Flint has a mild developmental delay and can walk independently.†Several medical professionals who have met Flint feel he could benefit from physical therapy to improve his gait.

Flint Walking

We know that he would thrive in the U.S. and would be a wonderful addition to a family, as we believe he could bring a lot of love, interaction, and joy to a home. Are you his family? Please pray and consider how God might use you to be a part of Flint’s story. Please join us in sharing this post about Flint among your circles of influence. Together, we can find this sweet boy his forever family.

For more videos, photos, and to review Flint’s complete file, please contact or call us at 800-429-3369. We’d love to share even more about this precious boy with you and connect you with others who have met him and have even more stories to share!

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