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Meet Enrique, he is waiting for his forever family!

The amount of children waiting for their forever families is certainly overwhelming. But we are encouraged by the ability to speak up on their behalf. Will you partner with us today as we speak up for and pray for Enrique? Read more about this precious boy and join us as we share his story. 


Enrique’s contagious smile is the first thing you notice about him. He is always ready to share that smile and draw you in. Enrique, along with several others in the group, sang songs to us about family and wanting a family. The longing in these beautiful eyes for a mommy and daddy and family of his own was unmistakable. He is still waiting, waiting for his parents to see him. This almost 8 year old is mild mannered yet enthusiastic, and always seems to be ready to attempt what you ask of him. One team member noted that he loved imitating her silly monkey faces. He was also very interested in learning the sounds that the animals make while visiting the zoo. That beautiful smile never left his face throughout our field trip to the zoo! He was especially enamored with the lions and wanted to watch them forever. Enrique was excellent at following directions and was on target for developmental milestones. He Likes puzzles and can sing some children's songs, likes cars and enjoys playing with other children.


He is diagnosed with PKU, and is on a special diet. He had a lunch prepared that met his dietary needs, and he never even seemed to notice or give thought to anything when other children ate other things.  To look at this beautiful boy, you would never know he has been given the label of special needs. Our team noted that he appears to have minor strength and mobility delays. Though his original file (prepared 3 years ago when he was a bit younger), notes an intelligence delay; he appeared to be a smart and bright child to those on our assessment team who met him.  His file notes that he brings a lot of happiness to children and nannies and we truly believe this boy is a treasure.

Enrique is designated as Special Focus by the CCCWA, so a family at any stage of adoption is eligible to review his file.

If you are interested in learning more about Enrique please contact our China staff at You can also read more about the China waiting program here. This file is special focus and can be pursued by a family at any stage of the process.

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