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Meet Dustin, an amazing little boy who needs a forever family to call his own

Meet Dustin, an amazing little boy who needs a forever family to call his own

Dustin is a sweet boy who recently turned 7. Dustin gets along well with his peers and is cheerful and warm to people he meets. He likes to communicate with others and can express himself well, including imitating various people or things. He loves to talk about TV show plots and cartoon characters and can tell stories well. He enjoys telling stories to the younger children. He goes to a special class for school and can communicate well with his teacher, writes simple Chinese characters, and can count and recognize numbers. He knows simple characters and can write his name. He likes to listen to music and will dance with people when hearing music. Dustin likes outdoor activities and doesn’t mind playing in a crowd. He likes to play games with his friends and watch cartoons.  Dustin has good self-care skills and can be found washing his socks, cleaning up his room, or helping adults with chores.  Dustin is also a good helper and helps take care of the younger children in the orphanage.

Dustin has been diagnosed with epilepsy which is under control with medication. His file noted a brief hospital stay in early 2017 as well, for acute gastritis and inflammation of his gallbladder, but these seem to have resolved.

Dustin is a Special focus designated AWAA partnership orphanage referral and families at any stage of the process or considering adoption are welcome to inquire and review his file. Please contact our staff at or by phone at 800-429-3369 to learn more.

Please join us by being an advocate for Dustin and share this post with others you know. Epilepsy is a manageable medical condition and we would love to find his forever family!


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