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Meet Connie!

I recently met Connie on an advocacy trip called Loving Ambassadors. She lit up the room as soon as she walked in with her beautiful smile, and unforgettable dimple. There is a quote that says “Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.” I think this quote personifies Connie. Connie hasn’t let the circumstances of her life change her, but used her smile to change me. Her smile will forever be etched in my mind.

Connie was shy at first, but her fun personality quickly shone through the nerves of meeting our team. At the beginning of our time with Connie, she stayed closed to her nannies and often looked to them for reassurance. It wasn’t long into our time that she was showing me her creative side. When asked about her favorite thing to do, she quickly responded by grabbing a pen and paper. She drew numerous animals from Chinese characters for me, and the language barrier didn’t interfere with her teaching me how to draw the same animals.

When Connie saw other children jumping rope, she didn’t hesitate to jump in and show our team her skills. Connie not only showed us that she could jump rope, but she could do it on one leg. Connie performed numerous songs and dances for our team with amazing accuracy and beautiful form.

Connie showed us lots of admirable character traits that would be a blessing to any family. Connie was observed assisting the nannies with the little children, as she was one of the oldest children in our group. We observed her sharing her snack, redirecting the little children, and cleaning up. She seemed to be friends with all the kids from older to younger. She was kind, helpful, creative, observant, curious, smart, and fun.

Connie would make such a wonderful addition to any family. Would you consider letting her smile change your world? Contact for more information.

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