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Meet Chip! He is waiting for his forever family.

Meet Chip! He is waiting for his forever family.

We are thrilled to introduce you to one more sweet little boy who has a $5,000 subsidy toward adoption costs. Meet precious Chip and help us share his story with your circle of influence.


Chip is a delightful and active boy who is seven and is sure to make you smile. He lives in Beijing and loves to sing and to perform and is not shy in front of crowds. He is an extrovert according to orphanage staff and is not afraid to meet new people. He is very close to his nanny and calls her his “darling.” He has strong gross motor skills and loves to run and jump and play outside. His nannies tell us that he loves to draw and put together puzzles and is very nurturing to the younger children. His file also report that although at an earlier point in his life he had some medical issues with his kidneys, this has been treated and is healthy now. He likes to make new friends and is always curious about new things and though noted to have some developmental/speech delays, he is eager to learn new things in his class and will keep working at something with his teacher until he understands. He can sing simple children’s songs, complete paintings, recognize various animals, and repeat simple stories. He is currently in speech therapy to help with pronunciation.


After our field trip to the store, the nannies treated the children to pizza. I was able to sit with Chip during lunch. This was a precious time interacting with him. He was very well behaved, listening to his nannies and following their instructions. He was able to feed himself with a fork and was a delightful lunch partner. He enjoyed sitting close to me and gave me lots of hugs and snuggles. He won my heart that day!


Chip is such an outgoing, precious boy and would be a joy to any family! Chip’s file is categorized as Special Focus so a family at any stage of an adoption or interested in adoption can inquire. There is a $5000 subsidy available to any family who pursues Chip’s adoption. Please contact our
China team at with any questions.

You can also fill out a free pre-application to confirm your eligibility to adopt from China, by visiting this link.

Chip has waited far too long! Please help us share about this amazing boy today!

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