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Meet 11-Year Old, “Lulu”, From Ethiopia Who is Excited to Have a Family!

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“Lulu” is a sweet 11-year old girl who has shown a great deal of strength in her lifetime. She gets along with others well, and noted her favorite subjects in school are Math and English. One of our staff members spent some time with her and noted,

“Lulu is very strong. She always included new girls who came to the transition home very quickly. She has waited longer than most of the children there to be paper ready and is excited to be have a family! Lulu loves teaching the younger children how to ride bikes, enjoys playing with the others’ hair, and loves acting silly with her friends. She was easily able to hold her own with the older girls or  boys, and loved playing games outside.”

Lulu is HIV positive and currently on ARVS.

Any family who would like more information about “Lulu” and/or how to begin the process to adopt her into your family should contact our Ethiopia staff at or call 800-429-3369. We would love to share more!


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Please join us in sharing “Lulu's” story with as many as possible so that we can help her find her forever family and be matched soon!

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