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Medical Team Visits China

Mission trip 1

This past week, we have heard wonderful updates from a team that is currently serving and making assessments on children in one of our Chinese orphanage partnerships. We are blessed to have medical staff as well as occupational and physical therapists on this team to help assess children that are currently being adopted by our families as well as children whose files will soon arrive at AWAA. Our team had a chance to see the classrooms, an amazing therapy room, and a  treatment room with great resources and equipment for therapy. This week it has been a joy to see the nannies’ enthusiasm to learn, especially from the occupational and physical therapists. The nannies have been asking the team questions about children and want to learn techniques they can use to help improve their mobility and functioning. The orphanage director has also been very appreciative and engaged and hopes to see many more children placed in loving homes. As one team member noted, â€œThe children have obviously known love here as this is a great orphanage!â€


We are thankful for this team and their hard work this past weekas they made assessments, took notes on the children, and worked to provide updated photos and videos for the children. We know this will benefit both the children we serve as well as the families who are adopting these children or will adopt from this orphanage in the future. Here is an excerpt written by the team:

Mission trip 2

“We were delighted to meet the orphanage director and nannies who have taken such good care of the children. We spent part of our time assisting the nannies and learning about what they do day to day. They have a hard job, but they do it so gracefully. The children’s faces are evidence of the love that has been poured out upon them from these dedicated nannies. Our team has been humbled over the last couple of days as we’ve had many opportunities to give and to receive. We’ve been overwhelmed and excited at the chance to give through educational classes, splint making, individual assessments of children, gifts, and many hours of simply loving on the children. When we went shopping, the director was so delighted to assist us in purchasing needed items for “her babiesâ€. Here is a sweet picture of the director with one of the children.

Mission trip director

It is so evident how much she loves the kids! One of our team members had the chance to teach many helpful physical therapy skills to the nannies and doctors. They were all very receptive and grateful for the information shared. A good part of the day was spent making splints for some of the children who desperately needed them. These splints will really help their development and mobility skills. 

Mission trip 3

Our team has received so much joy in the giving of these talents and gifts. We’ve also received great encouragement from the nannies and other staff. We’re inspired by their great love for the children and their desire to better care for them. We are all so grateful to our Father for planning this trip for us.â€


If you are in the medical field (nurses, doctors, physician assistants, physical or occupational therapists, etc.) and have a desire to use your skills to serve orphans and adoptive families, please contact as we would love to help you get connected in ways you can use your gifts and talents to serve the Lord through orphan care.

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