Medical Care in Ethiopia: Baby Tesfanesh Memorial

Tesfanesh SM
In January, we shared with you and mourned the loss of sweet baby Tesfanesh in Ethiopia.  Tesfanesh was a child in one of our partner orphanages in Ethiopia that was in need of critical medical care.  America World took over her care but had to immediately admit her to the hospital. Tesfanesh fought for her life, but unfortunately, during her 2-week hospital stay her health continued to decline and she went to be with the Lord soon after. 

An orphanage in Ethiopia that is struggling to meet the medical needs and health conditions of their children.  $25,000 will allow us to hire (1) full-time doctor for the orphanage and (4) nurses to provide the necessary medical care for these precious children.

In honor of sweet baby Tesfanesh, we are asking four individuals or a groups each to donate $3,000 to hire 1 of the 4 nurses we need for the critical care of the medically fragile children in the orphanage. We are also asking an individual or a group to donate $13,000 to hire a full-time doctor to provide life-saving medical care to these children. Through the total donations of $25,000, we can provide for the medical needs of the children in our care and other orphanage partners.

ET Orphanage Medical
America World is committed to the children of Ethiopia.  We currently have a donor that pays annually for 3 full-time nannies for this orphanage. America World also contributes financially on an annual basis for the care of children in orphanages in Ethiopia. It is a difficult reality that children are still fighting for their lives in Ethiopia, but with your help we CAN save the lives of many of these children.

Please consider making a financial donation to help us meet this critical need and raise $25,000.  100% of your donation will go towards this orphan initiative.

Donations by Check

  1. Make check out to “America World Adoption
  2. Write “Baby Tesfanesh” on the memo line

                Checks should be mailed to:
                    America World Adoption
                    ATTN: Donations
                    6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite 202
                    McLean, VA  22101

Online Donations

  1. Go to
  2. Select “General Donation” from the drop-down
  3. Type “Baby Tesfanesh” in the “Notes” section


Your donation is tax deductible.

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