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March Overview for the China Program

How many days did the CCAA match for March referrals?

The CCAA has not yet confirmed with agencies the cut-off date for the last group of  non-special needs referrals received by agencies. Because America World’s next group to receive referrals are logged in on 3/7/06 and  we did not receive referrals, we can assume that the CCAA matched a few more days, but did not match through 3/7/06. It is our current estimate that the CCAA may have matched through 3/6/06 for the March referrals, but we will not officially know until the CCAA posts this information for agencies.

The CCAA continues to process an average of 2-6 dates each month. ( in most cases) The matching is based upon how many referrals that the CCAA has paper-ready to be matched with families from around the world who are logged in on specific dates. As soon as the CCAA posts the cut-off date for the March referrals, we will post this updated information on the blog.

Who is Next To be Matched?

America World’s next group to be matched have a LID of  3/7/06. We estimate that families in this LID group may receive their referrals in April if the CCAA processed through  the 3/5/06 or 3/6/06 LID’s. Once we have the official March Log in Dates that were matched, we will have a better estimate of this.

America World has the following March 2006 LID’s that have not yet been matched by the CCAA:

• March 7, 2006
• March 13, 2006
• March 16, 2006
• March 22, 2006
• March 24, 2006
• March 27, 2006
• March 28, 2006

Please note that though the above dates represent the LID’s for AWAA families, there are other families from other agencies around the world who are logged in on other dates throughout the month of March. The CCAA issues LID’s to agencies throughout the entire month as agencies send their dossiers to the CCAA.


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