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March China Waiting Children Program Referrals

Congratulations to the 15 families who accepted referrals through China’s waiting children program during the month of March! Some of these referrals were the last individual referrals we placed earlier in the month, and some were new shared referral group that arrived recently. Referrals were for boys and girls, ages 6 months- 13 years old. Some of the special needs were: cleft lip/palate, heart condition, limb difference, developmental delay and healthy older child.

Families who have a dossier in China and are participating in the WC program received a referral announcement email today. Please contact your Family Coordinator if you did not receive this email.

We continue to be blessed and honored to match families  very quickly with referrals. Families open to unrepaired conditions- including cleft lip and palate, can be matched almost immediately upon joining the program, as long as their dossier is ready. Paper-chasing families can still be matched on a limited basis until their dossier is ready.  Families who are open to adopting children, boys and girls, with special needs or a healthy older child are invited to email

There are many referrals of children available for adoption on the CCAA’s shared system. We continue to try and place as many of these children into homes as possible and are thankful for families who  participate in this program. Please continue to join us in prayer for more families to come forward and for these children to find their forever families!


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