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MANA: Nourishment for children in India

MANA: Nourishment for children in India

As we prepare to send America World staff and One Orphan teams to India
we are raising funds to send nutritional MANA! 

MANA – “Mother Administered Nutritive Aid” – is a ready-to-use therapeutic food,
what aid workers refer to as “RUTF.”
It’s a kind of fortified peanut paste that’s been carefully formulated to provide all
of a child’s basic nutritional needs, and it’s served in a packet that looks like an oversized
version of those mustard and ketchup packets you get in fast food restaurants.
It’s easy for a caregiver to open,easy for a child to eat, and as tasty as peanut butter.

Just three servings of MANA a day can save the life of a starving child.

MANA won’t solve the problem of world hunger. But it will help orphanages feed hungry children.
And to that institution, and that child, that means everything.

Today and for the coming weeks we are offering an opportunity for you to
get involved by sponosoring the upcoming MANA distribution taking place when staff
and teams travel to India in February and March. Click here to see our funding goal and give today.

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