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Help an Orphanage Destroyed in China

Brian Luwis has been corresponding with CCAA this week and has asked how our families can best help any orphanages destroyed in the Sichuan province due to the earthquake. The great news is that there were no children killed in this destruction in orphanages, but a building in the Mian Yang orphanage collapsed so the children will need new rooms to live in. The people there also need water, clothes, medicine, surgical supplies and big rescue equipment. The Chinese government will supply aide to the most urgent people and places, so this orphanage will need our financial help.

I know many of you have graciously asked if you could travel there to help or send donated items. The CCAA thanks you all, but advised that the devastated areas need specialists or people experienced with this type of destruction. They stated that they also need these supplies urgently, so CCAA has suggested that the best way for any of us to help, is to help financially.

June 1st is China Children’s Day. We are asking that you help the children in China on this day by donating any amount you feel led to give by May 31st and we will send the total amount to CCAA as our investment into the rebuilding of this orphange. To do so, please donate through our Orphan’s Ticket Home donation page here. Please choose “Other Amount” and also add a note that this money is to go to CCAA.
Thank you for your support!


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