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gansu china orphanage

Due to the urgency of this particular trip, we're re-posting this little something with the hopes that it will touch some place deep inside you and inspire you to step forward in faith to love on the kiddos of Gansu, China. Below is a beautiful testimony from one of our team leaders to China, Beth Addington. May her testimony encourage you!  

“As I entered the front doors, it seemed like I was walking into a nice, clean daycare. I could see workers who were lovingly instructing, caring, and teaching the children, most with medical or developmental needs. Various aged children were walking the halls in nice, straight lines- as straight as a wiggly child can. Little voices, giggling, laughing and singing, could be heard echoing from the rooms. Crafts made by little hands decorated the walls. I could have been entering a nice daycare, but I wasn't. I was entering an orphanage. These precious children that walked the halls, created the art and played and giggled would not be picked up that afternoon by parents who missed them. They are orphans and this…this is their home. This is where they eat, sleep, play and live. Their physical needs are met and the nannies take good care of them, but this is not a permanent home. These children have no family. I embrace the difference in their culture, and learn to come alongside them. I am here to love. 

After the adoption of our daughter in 2006, God began to deepen my love for the many orphans who are precious children needing a permanent family. We have adopted 2 more children from China. Another little girl in 2009 and a spunky little boy in 2011. God has firmly planted the love for the people and this country in my heart. What an honor and privilege to be able to enter the halls of the orphanage and to love and serve the precious children and people in China, all for Him.” | Beth Addington, China Team Leader

There's a rural province in China, on the eastern edge of the Silk Road, filled with kiddos who are aching after fresh hope & desperate for some love. 

gansu china orphanage trip

They live in a world entirely different than ours, spending their long nights sleeping under the roof of an orphanage. And while we may not be able to change their situation entirely, we can step onto the scene of their life, step into their story, even if for a moment, and radically influence their joy & offer them the purest kind of hope. 

We want to extend that opportunity to you.

We have tentatively scheduled a trip to the province of Gansu from May 16-25. 

It is with a heart of urgency, that we ask you to seriously and prayerfully consider if you might join us this spring in an unknown, but very desperate province in China. Your yes might be what the children of China have prayed for their entire lives. 

gansu china orphanage trip

Are you interested in sharing God's heart with orphaned and vulnerable children & have felt His special burdening for the children of China? Would you step into their story by faith? While AWAA receives several referrals a year from the orphanage located in Gansu, we have never before had the opportunity to send a team there. So, if you have been waiting for an opportunity to join an ACT Mission Trip or haven't been sure which region God would be calling you to, maybe this is the opportunity and China is the region! 

Without your immediate response, this trip will not happen. We need you! 

Please stop by our website for more information or email We would love to help connect your story with theirs.  

gansu china orphanage trip


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