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Maddox needs a forever family!

Maddox needs a forever family!

Nine year old Maddox is a happy fellow who is very pleasant and has many friends. He smiles often and has such a sweet disposition.  AWAA had a team meet Maddox in October 2016. Members of the team noticed during their Sports Day that Maddox enjoys competitive games and loves to win!  He demonstrated great fine motor skills through his love of drawing and neat handwriting. During our developmental assessment, we learned that he know his numbers and can say the colors in English! 
Maddox has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but does not let this stop him. His intelligence level is considered above other children his age. He can walk unassisted,but does require a handrail for steps. He can use the bathroom unassisted and feed himself. Maddox enjoyed the relay games and competing with his friends. He also enjoyed performing Chinese songs and poems with his friends. 
Maddox is a mild-mannered, easy-going guy who would love to be part of a family. He really enjoys being with others and is comfortable around people of all ages.  We think he would transition into a family very well and would be such a blessing as a son.
To review Maddox’s complete file, please contact or call us at 800-429-3369. Maddox’s file is designated as Special Focus so a family just considering adoption or at any stage of the process may be eligible to review his file. We’d love to share even more about this precious boy with you and connect you with others who have met him and have even more stories to share! Please join us in being an advocate for Maddox by helping to share his story with others.


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