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"Lola" Sees Mommy & Daddy for the First Time!

“Lola” Sees Mommy & Daddy for the First Time!

As a child waits to join his or her forever family, milestones and special moments are sadly missed by their families. While some of them are noted in a child’s paperwork, there is nothing like witnessing these moments in-person or at the very least seeing them documented through photos & videos.

One America World family recently had the incredible joy of seeing a very special “first” for their daughter. After seeing an advocacy post for “Lola” and deciding to pursue her adoption, they have worked tirelessly for many months gathering paperwork and will bring her home soon. The updates received while in process inspired them to keep pressing on, knowing it would bring them one step closer to their little girl.

Their most recent update, however, was extra special as they witnessed one of her “firsts” through a video. It wasn’t her first word or first steps, but it WAS her FIRST time seeing her mommy and daddy’s faces. 

This precious girl will soon be in their arms and held forever by their love, care, and support, but until then, she knows their faces. She sees the reminder in her play area that they are coming. She is known, wanted, cherished, and adored by a mother, father, and siblings on the other side of the word. This moment will be one they cherish in their hearts forever and soon they will have a front row seat to experience all of her firsts, no longer from afar, but in their arms and home forever.

Lola in China before being adopted

We look forward to “Lola” joining her family soon, yet are reminded of the many children who continue to wait for a family. Every child deserves to know there is someone who sees them and wants to be there to celebrate the many special moments to come. What a joy it is to know that a mother and father beam with pride to know that “Lola” is theirs and to see her little eyes looking at a photo of them knowing that they are hers.  

Families can learn more about Down syndrome adoption and children in China who are waiting for a family by visiting America World Adoption’s Down syndrome Page.

If your family is interested in learning more about adoption or considering an adoption from China, please contact our China staff at for more information. Families can view our China Waiting Children Webpage for more information on children currently available and waiting for families.

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