Logan Needs Storytellers!
March 17, 2015

Logan 4
Logan is an active and outgoing 8-year old boy who loves to sing, dance, and ride bikes with his friends.

Logan is noted to have a mental developmental delay—in his referral they refer to his condition as an underdevelopment of the brain and/or hydrocephalus. However, he is going to school and learning the tasks that children his age are also learning. Logan has many videos of him playing, singing, dancing, and interacting with caretakers and these are available to any family reviewing his file. The orphanage has noted he has shown remarkable improvement over the last few years. His progress is noted as:

At 2-years old, he could sit up by himself and could stand with the help of a caretaker. He loved to cuddle, laugh, and play ball with his caretakers.

At 3-years old, he could stand on his own and was learning to walk on his own—his right leg seems weaker than his left, which affected his ability to walk. He did rehabilitation training for his right hand and leg and has recovered well. His referral notes that he seldom spoke and said a few words to his caretakers only. However, he understood everything the caretaker said.

At 4-years old, he was sent to a foster family to live in Shanghai. He could walk very well and climb stairs. He would chase his friends and was able to run and play, although he still had trouble speaking.

At 5-years old, he was able to use both hands and feet (he favored his left side), but still had some motor delays. Now, he studies in the special education class, enjoys playing with other children, and understands what the teacher is saying. He went on a trip to Chaozhou when he was 5 and absolutely loved seeing all of the Chinese culture and architecture.

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Logan is designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus child and is from the shared list, although he lives in one of our partner orphanages. A family at any stage in the process is eligible to review his file. 

Contact our China staff to get further details about Logan and next steps for making Logan a part of your family by emailing WaitingChildren@awaa.org or calling us at 800-429-3369.

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