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Lincoln will be aging out soon and longs for a family!

Lincoln will be aging out soon and longs for a family!

Lincoln is a talkative, outgoing, and creative 13-year-old boy! He can play the piano and loves being social with his friends. He seems to be right on track developmentally. We had a team meet Lincoln in October 2016 and they loved spending time with him! A team member shared: Lincoln” has kept us laughing nonstop!! He is funny and quick-witted, energetic, and very happyThey also noted that he is very sweet, eager to please, and he longs for a family. Lincoln lives in a foster family and attends school for the visually impaired. He is in 5th grade and loves to learn. He has been diagnosed with bilateral cataracts. Medical staff on the Hope Journey team who met him observed that he can see shadows and can identify light, but does need to be evaluated by an ophthalmologist. Because of his vision impairment, he does move more slowly in a new area but adapts well and is very high functioning. He is very easygoing and intelligent.
Lincoln will be turning 14 in January 2018 and can no longer be adopted at that point. We are praying that the perfect family brings Lincoln home before then. A family reviewing Lincoln’s file may speak to a member of the team who met Lincoln for more information. 
There is a grant available for Lincoln’s adoption. His file is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the adoption process is eligible to review his file. Please contact us at for more information or you can submit a free Pre-application online and note “Lincoln” and our staff will follow up with you.  
Please share this post with others in your circle of influence as we’d love to help Lincoln find his forever family!


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