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Letter From Alexis

Dear  Families:

I am praying to our Lord  this letter finds  you well. The Director of   OPA is  facilitating  to our  Agency information of kids who are ready for adoption, but  these are kids  with special needs  and kids  ages 10 to 12 years old,  so I had  the opportunity to read  their  files, and  this information remained me  how  horrible it is to be  an  orphan.  So that is why I am happy to belong to this  organization with one objective, give the kids the opportunity of having a family.  But this work takes  time  and more  in  a   third   world country,  well you all know  things are not that fast just like in your country.  So the US Embassy, NGOS, the government and all of us, should create a link and work together  as a team.  We must remember  this  is  an spiritual battle so your prayers for these  kids are so important. I am writing this  to encourage  you to keep going in this hard road, and also, for those who have the orphan kids of El Salvador in their hearts to please join me to pray for them,  and for our God´s will.  Your dossiers are moving, slow it is true, but please be confident and always expect the best if it is our God´s  will.

Your brother,
Alexis Castro


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