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Letter from Alexis

San Salvador, September 26, 2008
Dear Families:

I hope you are having a good week, and I pray that you are safe and that the peace of the Lord reigns in your hearts. I believe that, after the Procurador`s visit to our agency, he has a better idea of what we are doing and what is in our hearts for the orphan kids and also expresses his concern about the orphan kids, and he has dedicated himself to do whatever is in his hands to make the adoption process faster. 

The President of Identity for Children with a delegation visited El Salvador, they visited Protection Centers, and they also had different meetings with different people from the government, all in the best interest of the Children.

I believe I am being a witness of a substantial change in benefit for the kids, I am aware it is taking time, but I have learned this is the time of our Lord, and you are part of all this, I am grateful for all your support and prayers.

God Bless, Alexis


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