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Lemonade Stand for Ethiopia Orphans

Sloan & Addie: A Lemonade Stand for Bete Hosanna!

Two Washington state girls wanted to make a difference. They decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for America World’s Bete Hosanna house in Ethiopia. Their one-day-only business raised $50!

The Lynden, Washington Chamber of Commerce posted the following on their Facebook page:

ethiopia orphan fundraiser

LYNDEN NEWS FLASH: NEW POP-UP BUSINESS TAKES OVER CITY – OPEN 10-3 TODAY ONLY!!! Budding business entrepreneurs *Sloan & Addie are providing high-quality service, excellent products at reasonable prices, and are even giving a portion of the proceeds to charity, Hosanna House in Ethiopia! Lemonade, cookies, and rice krispy treats! So it’s time for all good Dutchmen (and others!) to pry open the wallet, dust off the dollar, and be generous of heart and cash! (This means say ‘thank you” and tip)

*Honorary Members of the Lynden Chamber of Commerce

Bete Hosanna (Hosanna House) was birthed, in the dusk of a dirt road in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the most amazing group of 11 orphaned girls. God has provided a vision—a house where eleven 18-year-old girls can now be found laughing, learning, loved, and safe. A house where the primary goal is for each of these girls to have a personal relationship with Jesus. A place where each girl is taught a trade that she can use to advance her future and sustain herself. A home where she is not alone because she has ten sisters and a house mother looking out for her.

Your donations to Bete Hosanna will keep the doors open for 18-year-old orphans in Ethiopia. As these girls are leaving their orphanage, they will have Beta Hosanna, where they can learn a trade to keep them from living on the streets, or worst.


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ethiopia orphans

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