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Learn more about Grayson, we continue to advocate for him!

Some of you may remember Grayson, who desperately needs a family and a life-changing surgery.  This bright, imaginative young man recently met our Loving Ambassador team, and he won their hearts immediately with his delightful yet determined spirit in the face of his medical challenges.

One team member wanted to share more on his behalf:

“I saw this sweet, 11-year-old boy catching his breath with complex congenital heart disease, clubbed fingers, and blue fingernails. In spite of it all, he was so energetic, articulate, and intelligent, you never would have known how hard he was working! He was the most enthusiastic of all the children about our medical assessments or when we just tried to play and interact with him. It was evident that he probably doesn’t get out very often, and he was just so excited to be with us at the camp. We brought all sorts of puzzles, bubbles, and other toys. He wanted to try everything!  He tried so hard to blow the bubbles, but we could see he was getting winded. He let another one of our team members blow the bubbles for him, and he watched in child-like amazement.

His nanny said that his heart condition is too difficult to operate on in China. But she also told me about his persistence. If he needs or wants something, he works hard to get it or to get help. He doesn’t give up easily, and he is a fighter. As a heart warrior, Grayson desperately needs a family who will take a chance on him, to give him the life-saving surgery he needs!”

Would you be Grayson’s champion and fight for him?

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