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adoption webinar

Learn How to Adopt: Free Adoption Webinar

How To Adopt:

How do I choose a country?

What is a dossier & do I need one to adopt?

Does my family qualify to adopt?

I heard the home study is scary!

Can I adopt if I don’t have $30,000 in the bank?

How long does adoption take?

Do I need to travel to my child’s country?

What if I don’t speak the language of my child’s country?

Is there help after we return home with our child?


Any of the questions above could prevent many families from pursuing adoption. Unless you know someone who has adopted, it can be difficult to get answers to your adoption questions. Even then, every adoption is different and certainly, every country is different from another.

The good news is, America World offers free informational webinars with experienced adoption team members who can answer all of your adoption questions!

Our “Getting Started with International Adoption” is an Adoption 101-type webinar that will give you a good overview of the adoption process and some terminology that will allow you to seriously consider whether God has called your family to grow through the blessing of adoption. The webinar gives you a foundation for adopting from China, India, Haiti, or any other international adoption programs.

So what do you have to lose? Register today to join us for our free webinar on Thursday, March 22nd! The webinar will last about 45 minutes and is easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Questions?  Contact us at or 800-429-3369.  We hope to have you join us on the 22nd!

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