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Waiting Wednesday: Help us advocate for Laurel

Remember sunny, independent Laurel, who gave a speech to welcome our Loving Ambassador team to China and whose story we recently shared here?  One of our team members had more they wanted to share about this courageous, social young lady!

“Laurel is an outgoing, happy girl who just turned 13 on February 19, 2020.  I spent time with Laurel in November 2019, as part of the Loving Ambassador’s team. I noticed she makes friends right away and loves to be in the middle of the action. She has such an extroverted, fun personality!”

“We took the kids to the zoo one afternoon and Laurel wanted to hold my hand as we walked around. Smiling, she would seek me out and call me over to her with her hand out. It was hard to tell her no when she was so determined.  Laurel had a smile on her face all week and seemed to get along well with all the kids.  She also loved giving high fives to all our team and would wave at us every time we saw her.”

“On the first day of being with the kids, the orphanage held an opening ceremony for us. Laurel impressed us all as she came up in front of the hundred plus people in the room and gave a formal speech welcoming us to China and thanking us for coming to spend the week with all of them.  It showed such courage, kindness, and determination.”

I believe Laurel would blossom and thrive so beautifully with the love and support of a family! Laurel’s age makes her situation urgent, she needs a family to come forward soon. 

Contact for more information.

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