Adopting a Child with Special Needs - The Lair’s Story
May 30, 2013

This is a blog of the Lair family Adoption story.  What an amazing journey of faith it has turned out to be! – written by Tanya Lair

Lair family

In the Beginning

Chris and I were married August 23, 1997. At that time we knew we wanted a family. I wanted 10 kids and he wanted 2- he should have run far away at the time while he could, lol! However, God had completely different plans for our family, and how wonderful His plans are compared to ours!! We began trying to have a family after being married for 4 years. We tried every method imaginable, and read every book out there, took turns standing on our heads, and still after a year of trying, no baby.  I really have zero patience and since I am in the medical field, I found an infertility clinic, and we began seeking treatment.

After seeing the infertility specialists, we were told that we both had severe infertility issues and that even with IVF, our chances were very slim for us to have a baby. As you can imagine, news like that devastated us. I had wanted to be nothing but a mommy from the time I was old enough to walk and carry around my dolls. We began looking into domestic adoption, but became scared off by the fact that a birth mother would have to pick us and then she might change her mind.  At that time, we never even considered international adoption, because we thought it was something only the rich and famous did. We found out that our insurance would pay for IUI up to 6 times. Our doctors told us not to waste our time, but we decided that we really had nothing to lose and that we would pray with all our might that it would work. Well…… after one and only one try, and much to our renown doctor’s surprised looks on their faces, we were told we were pregnant and were absolutely elated. God is so good!

To make a long story short, God not only blessed us with our first child, but he quickly blessed us with a second child soon after. Even during this time, I started doing a lot of reading, and I started watching the adoption stories on the TLC channel. I cried every time a family had a gotcha day. I began to see what a wonderful picture of God’s love for all of us is when He adopts us into his family of God. I saw how that is portrayed as well, when families reach out to the fatherless, save their lives and witness to them. So, the adoption bug began to eat at my heart. I began to pray and pray that if God did not want us to adopt that the thoughts would go away. Well…. they did not go away and it got to the point that I secretly became obsessed with adopting. I knew what Chris would say, so I prayed that if we were supposed to do this, that he would agree.

I approached Chris after we had our first two children to talk about adoption. You should have seen his face. He told me that I was absolutely crazy. Well, I continued to pray and the very next day, I got a phone call. Chris was on the other end of the phone and had a tone to his voice I have never heard before. He said to me in the most serious voice I have ever heard him speak in, “We are going to adopt, and I think we should adopt from China. I also found our adoption agency. It is a Christian agency called America World Adoption……” You could have heard crickets on my end of the phone. I was in shock and literally fell out of my chair. For God to change his heart in the matter of one day and for him to say that to me, I knew my prayers had been answered.

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