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Kylie is waiting for her forever family!

You may remember loveable, playful, smiley “Kylie”, whose story we recently shared here.

Twin 12-year-old-sisters, Jesse & Keenon, traveled to China last year as a part of a Loving Ambassador team. They joined their father, Jacob, on the trip and spent time with a number of children throughout the week. Jesse and Keenon have welcomed siblings by adoption and have grown up seeing the ways that the love and care of a family has transformed the lives of their younger brothers and sister. Their own lives have also been tremendously blessed by the addition of their siblings. Jesse and Keenon’s hearts and care for the children they met and spent time with on the trip impacted those on the team as well as our staff in hearing their desire to see the children matched with a family. Their perspective at just 12 years old is both encouraging and inspiring.

They had the opportunity to spend time with “Kylie” who is currently waiting to be matched and to know the type of love and care that Jesse and Keenon’s family has poured out to so many children in need, both in their own home, and through serving those still waiting. What a blessing to see a family who stepped out in faith many years ago to open their home to a child, now witness their children speaking up on behalf of waiting children. As we continue to advocate for “Kylie” please take a moment to read what Jesse and Keenon had to share about their time with her:


Jesse: It was IMPOSSIBLE to not like Kylie. She was fun, spunky, and always had a smile on her face. She was good with the other kids. Kylie had the most amazing laugh. I really, really miss her. I pray that God will find her a loving family.

Keenon: Kylie is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She was filled with life. Joy simply radiated off of her. An energetic child, there was never a dull moment. She liked everyone and everyone liked her. In the conference room where we met, Kylie loved to jump off the stage into our waiting arms. She enjoyed being held and being spun around. She also liked me copying funny faces she made and dancing to music. I love her so much. I cried when we had to leave. She made a lasting impression on me. I know I will never forget her. I cannot say enough about her and her wonderful spirit and personality. I pray she will find a family.

Please help us find a forever family for this precious child who made such an incredible impact on our Loving Ambassador Team and these two sweet sisters!

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