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Giving Back

Knowing Someone Cares Makes All the Difference

by Kylie Sharp

In 2006, my parents adopted me through America World from an orphanage in Guangdong Province, China. I now live in the United States with my parents and dog, Tia. I do not remember much before being adopted since I was one when it all happened, but I had the opportunity to take a heritage tour in June of 2017. The trip was such an enjoyable experience. 

The Sharp FamilyMy life in the United States is very privileged. I have two parents who put a roof over my head and warm food on the table. I have two adopted siblings, one sister and one brother. I am currently completing my junior (11th) year in high school. I am an A.P. student with a 4.0. I am also in the National Honors Society (NHS).  

When we went on the heritage trip, my parents donated a water softener, so I also wanted to do something to give back. I wanted to bring joy to the children at the orphanage, so I looked into ways to send them Christmas gifts, but I came up with nothing. I turned to America World, and their staff explained that the orphanage was not currently accepting mailed packages due to the Covid zero policy set by the Chinese government at that time.  

Although I could not donate to my home orphanage, I wanted to fill another child’s Christmas with joy. I contacted America World again, and they notified me that they were working with a team who would be traveling to Ethiopia for Christmas. I knew donating to the orphanage in Ethiopia was a way I could help. Since I am in the NHS, we often work on volunteer projects, and I thought that NHS could get involved. The organization wanted to be involved, but they already had too many donation drives going on at that time. My heart was set on helping, so I went to the store and bought Christmas presents for the children. I then sent them to America World so that they could be shipped. At the store, I bought stuffed animals for their presents! Once I shipped them, my heart was full because I was able to help someone.  

In the future, I would love to continue volunteering and donating to people. I volunteer and donate to show that people in need are loved and that someone cares about them. Knowing someone cares and loves you can make all the world’s difference. I am so grateful America World has allowed me to help them give donations to the orphanage in Ethiopia. I am truly blessed. 

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