Kenya Program Updates
May 6, 2013

Kenya icon-2The Kenya program is pleased to have submitted a dossier to our partner agency in Kenya, Kenya Children’s Home, and we are helping several other families in their dossier building process. The Kenya program is actively recruiting families for boys and girls ages 12 months and older who are healthy or who have special needs. Recently we learned of many children, boys and girls, of all ages who are HIV positive and waiting for their forever family. Please view this HIV adoption advocacy post to learn more about available resources.

An adoption process from Kenya can be completed in less than two years. Families stay in Kenya for a 3 month bonding period to get to know their child while living in Kenya. After the bonding period, you'll complete the court processes which will take an additional few months. Please visit the Kenya webpage for details and contact us to learn more about the in-country stay details and adoption process from Kenya.

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