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Kenley needs a Forever Family


Kenley is a precious and adorable little girl with a head full of dark hair, rosy cheeks and almond eyes. She lives with a foster family and gets along well with her family and other children. She enjoys picture books, music and dancing, and can understand adult’s instruction. She can communicate her needs and is in rehabilitation twice a week. Like all kids her age, she also enjoys a cartoon once in awhile!

As of January 2016 when her medical exam was completed, Kenley was diagnosed as severe failure to thrive in part due to her earlier medical needs. According to her current report, she is now in good health and is able to sit, stand, and walk steadily. She has had a medical procedure for hydrocephalus and has a shunt. Upon admission to the orphanage in July 2013, she had been diagnosed with an intracranial tumor, cardiac damage, high tension of upper limbs and low tension in her lower limbs. Upon admission she was sent to a foster family to help strengthen her nutrition and care.

Kenley is from an AWAA orphanage partner and her file is designated as special focus, so families at any stage of the process can be considered for matching.

Please contact us at to learn more about how to make her a part of your family!

If you are interested in adding Kenley to your family the next step is to contact a family coordinator.
Please call (800) 429-3369 or Contact Us to learn more about Kenley.


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