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Kazakhstan Program Re-Opened

Kazakhstan adoptionWe are excited to announce the official re-opening of our
Kazakhstan program, now under the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. We
will begin receiving applications for the program immediately. Please refer to
the Kazakhstan webpage for
eligibility requirements, estimated costs and specific information regarding
the adoption process. Because of the “pilot program†nature of this process, we
will be limiting the number of families accepted into the program, as
well as limiting acceptance to families with a child request of 12 months up to a minimum of
48 months (1-4 years). Families open to this or a broader age range and who
meet eligibility requirements will be given preference into the program.

Prospective adoptive families
should note that Kazakhstan does still have a temporary suspension of adoptions
from the United States as they work with the U.S. Department of State to setup
a newly revised adoption process. We don’t know when this suspension will
be lifted, though we have seen progress and Kazakhstan continues to accredit
U.S. adoption agencies in anticipation of opening up. We have confirmed
that families may complete Hague home
studies and can receive USCIS approval while
this suspension is in place.

America World received accreditation by the Kazakhstan
central adoption authorities in the summer of
2012 followed by registration of our agency in the northern region of Pavlodar.
Families will submit dossiers to the central adoption authorities and be matched
with children from this region. If you would like more information on the
Kazakhstan program, please submit a free
and one of our program staff will be in touch with you
directly. You may also call 800-429-3369 and ask to speak with a Family


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