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Kazakhstan Program

Officials from the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS) met with officials from the Kazakhstan Consulate in DC on Monday. At this point they have said that they will begin to accept dossiers again to the Consulate, but families should expect delays in processing due to the ongoing review.  We expect that the New York Consulate, which America World works with, will begin to accept new dossiers again in the middle of April.  There may still be time delays due to this ongoing review. 
We are encouraged to see that this stop in accepting dossiers does appear to be very short lived.  At this point, we would encourage families in the process of building a dossier to again move forward with their documents.
America World had one family return home from Kazakhstan with their child this week. We are rejoicing to see this family complete their adoption process with the added blessing of the judge waiving the 15 day waiting period after court.


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