Kazakhstan Adoption Update
January 13, 2014

Kazakhstan adoptionWe continue to wait for the government of Kazakhstan to give U.S. agencies the green light to begin submitting dossiers for referral matching. We know there are many families who are patiently, but eagerly awaiting news for Kazakhstan’s full re-opening. Our hope and prayer is that this will occur soon, but at this time we have no timeframe in which to gauge when a decision might be reached. We continue to work alongside other US agencies, the US State Department and the Kazakhstan central adoption authority to provide officials with specific post adoption reports they have requested to receive. If you are a family or know of a family who has adopted from Kazakhstan in the past 15 years, please pass on the news that any are welcome to contact America World to inquire on the status of their post adoption reporting to Kazakhstan. 

While we have confirmed that families may complete Hague home studies and can receive USCIS approval with the suspension in place, we feel that it is more prudent for families to hold off on applying and beginning a home study for Kazakhstan until agencies receive confirmation that the country will resume work with the US for adoptions. Please join us in prayer that a positive decision will be made in the near future and that agencies can once again begin assisting families with an adoption from Kazakhstan.

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