“Just Keep Taking That Next Step”: A Family’s Story

Goodier FamilyRachel & James Goodier with Ella (age 8),
Andrew (age 5) and Esmei (age 3)

Over four years ago a passion grew in our hearts to add to our family through adoption. We didn’t choose this path lightly. My analytical husband weighed the pros and cons, refusing to make this life-changing decision based on feelings or emotion. After months of researching, measuring the cost, and weighing the risk, we believed God had confirmed to us that this was what he wanted for our family. We confidently signed with America World in the spring of 2011 sure we would bring home our child from Honduras within two years. 

We were wildly optimistic and hopeful, positive all the doors would open and we would sail through the process.

That is not what happened.

The Honduras program stalled and it became clear our 2 year timeline would take more like 4-5 years.

In the meantime we prayed about pursuing a concurrent program and officially started the China Waiting Child Program in June, 2013. This time we believed we’d be home with our child in 12-18 months and we worked frantically to complete our new dossier. We received our last document needed in January 2014, all ready to officially be DTC (Dossier To China) with potential travel dates of June 2014.

Little did we know what was in store for our family. 

The day our last dossier document arrived, we received the news that my husband had an 8cm cancerous mass in his abdomen and he would need to start chemotherapy immediately. The timing was unbelievable. Our fully completed dossier went on the shelf as our focus now shifted to my husband’s health

Goodier 2After weeks of treatment my husband’s prognosis was looking good. We began the difficult conversation of ‘now what’ for adoption, and that prognosis was not so good. The rules are strict on cancer history and this was a recent, still being treated occurrence.

Was this the end of the road for us? After years of praying, hoping, and believing was it all over?

We cried and prayed and questioned and begged God for clarity. All we knew was that he had given us this desire to adopt years ago and although things did not look good in the moment, the door had not yet completely closed. We decided that until we received a definite ‘no’, we would continue forward, one step at a time. When the doctor finally delivered the good news of ‘all clear’, we set-about updating all of our paperwork (with no guarantee we would be approved).

We wanted to look back at this season in our lives and know that, no matter the obstacle, no matter the cost, we did all we could to pursue adoption. We encountered still more set-backs, delays, and even a loss of a referral. 

But, we kept going. One step at a time.  Never giving up.

These past years have been difficult, much harder than I anticipated when we excitedly started the process. But, through it all God has shown himself faithful and we have learned to trust him in all things. 

Goodier 1We happily welcomed the New Year and were thrilled to be one of the first families from America World to travel to China in 2015. After all the years of hope and heartbreak, God opened the doors for us to welcome a child into our home. Our daughter’s Chinese name means ‘Beautiful Promise’ and we see how she was God’s beautiful promise for us all along.

If you have the passion and heart for adoption, but continue to face obstacles and set-backs, as long as the door is not closed I would just encourage you to just keep taking the next step. 

It feels impossible. Sometimes it is impossible. But, God has a beautiful promise for you, too, in his time and in his way. Until then, just keep taking that next step.

– Rachel Goodier, America World adoptive mom






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