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June Monthly Prayer Focus

Amelia is a charming 8 1/2 year old girl who has scoliosis and repaired spina bifida. She is described as a strong and active girl.  She can complete her chores such as  making her bed and putting her own clothes. She is a very clever child and a good student.  Amelia likes to sing songs, recite poems and help the caretakers with the other children. Her caretakers  describe her as being a hard worker and attentive. When learning  to dance she keeps practicing and never gives up. 

The China Waiting Children Program has had “Amelia’s†file for many months. If there is no family interested in her adoption by June 30th, we will return her referral to the CCAA. If a prospective or current family is interested in learning more about her by reading her referral and seeing photos, they can contact or call 888-ONE-Child and ask to speak to a China Family Coordinator. A family is able to review the referral with a medical professional prior to making an adoption decision. 

We ask that families join us in praying for Amelia and advocating for her and her future forever family.


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