July Ethiopia Referrals
August 1, 2013

The Ethiopia program is excited to announce that 4 referrals were matched with families in the month of July! 

Below is a list of the children referred d this month and the DTE dates of the families with whom they were matched. Please keep in mind some of these referrals may be sibling sets or children with special needs.

Age and Gender of Child

DTE Date

 1 Female infant


 2 Males 4-7 years

4/19/2013, 4/19/2013

 1 Male 8-12 years


Please keep the following in mind when reviewing the chart above:

  • Infant age range: Approximately 0-18 months
  • Toddler age range: Approximately 19-47 months

We’re grateful for God’s blessing of these referrals and for your continued prayers over the Ethiopia program.

Due to recent trends, the wait time for healthy female and male children roughly 5-6 years of age and younger is at minimum 24-30 months from DTE. While all families are currently receiving referrals within this timeframe, the overall trend is that the wait time is increasing.  Therefore, we anticipate the wait time will increase past 30 months at some point in the future. We do not yet know when that increase will come. Families in our Ethiopia program will be kept up to date on any changes to the wait time by their Family Coordinator.

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