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Jude’s Journey


Adoptive mom Beth was recently featured on the Ergobaby blog, giving readers a look into her family's adoption process and the subsequent bonding and attachment. Beth, who adopted through the Ethiopia Waiting Child Program, writes about the fear of the unknown when adopting a child with a special need. For little Jude, though his condition sounded serious, the love of his family has helped him thrive.

“The doctors say that his brain suffered from failure to thrive, a condition usually caused by general neglect. Orphanages simply cannot provide the love and stimulation that a family can and his little brain was permanently changed because of it. Now that he’s with a family, he’s caught up developmentally and is absolutely the best baby I’ve ever met.”

Check out the full article here. If you are considering adoption, we encourage you to give our experienced staff a call to learn about the conditions of any of our waiting children.


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